Eyelash Extensions

Wow where do I start!….. 
There is truly so much that I can do with lashes and times have changed since I started. I cater for all types of lash clients, from a very natural looking set to celebrity looking lashes. I help clients that have very little lashes or spars/gappy lashes. I help clients who are nervous or have had a bad experience, or newbies or clients that cannot live without them! (which are most! )

If your not sure what you want send me a message via my Facebook page and I will gladly help you. 

Visiting KerryM

I work in a gorgeous enchanted log cabin in my garden in Walderslade, Kent where I welcome everyone with loving arms, its chilled, relaxed homely, and very welcoming. 

If its your first time here we will go through a full consultation on the day of your appointment to include a patch test, the desired look, natural growth fall out and aftercare.  “I love to educate my clients about  lashes as there’s so much that goes in to it & not many people know”)

You’ll leave with gorgeous lashes, a huge dose of awesomeness and the feel good factor plus my on going support to you as your eyelash technician. 

How to Book

There’s a couple of ways to book if you scroll up and checkout the treatments offered, under each treatment is a button, click and choose your date and time fill your details out and wahoo you’ve just booked in with me.  Or click the button below that says Book Now choose your treatment pick your date & time & fill your details out. Its that simple’s. 

Upon booking you’ll receive an email with full details on, how to get to me and requirements for your treatment. 

Please note that I do not infill other technicians work. You would need to book a lash removal and a full set. 

If you need to get hold of me please do so via my Facebook Page.